Unique Design

We use principles similar to chain couplings in our gear design. With the addition of an internal roller gear, a driver, and multiple planets, we have found that load capacities can increase up to 300 percent.

Our gearboxes are constructed using NU LOBE™ gears, which optimize the roller gear profile. These gearboxes are up to 50 percent shorter than standard, can manage 30 horsepower and higher, and can replicate NEMA dimensions.

Amazing Range

The roller gear matrix ranges from under 1 inch in diameter to over 48 inches, inputs range from as little as 4 inch pounds to 10,500 inch pounds and higher.


Sampling of 27 to 100 pitches and 9 chain sizes. Using just 10 ratios, 657 sizes can be identified. Each ratio has a new set of variables creating thousands of combinations.

Small Or Large Diameter And More Pitches

Roller gears give you the option of a small diameter but more length or short profile but large diameter. The internal gear carries load over a greater number of pitches.

High Density Drives

Our high-density drives serve as speed reducers and can serve as speed increasers, and perform well with rotary motion power transmissions that require changes in torque and speed. Our products are used in both industrial systems and in end-use products. Click here to view our many applications.

MaxaMin™ System

Developed Over 30 Years: Perfected Motion Control Technology

Over the last 30 years we have perfected our motion control technology, developing a proprietary engineering process called the Gearing Solutions MaxaMin™ System, which provides a host of benefits to customers.

Originally based on the concept of wrapping a chain around a disc to form an internal gear, Gearing Solutions' planetary gearheads:

  • feature a 5 horsepower rating
  • function as gearheads, but consist of face mounted speed reducer with a hollow input shaft and a motor adapter are available in 3-to-4 and 5-to 1-ratios.

Accessories include foot mounts, flange face mounts and the ability to match a variety of motors including IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) or NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) configurations.

Customers Benefit From The MaxaMin™ System

The MaxaMin™ System offers:

  • short runs at competitive prices
  • efficient prototyping
  • products that can be easily modified
  • the ability to tailor shafts and housings to customer specifications and create hardware to match new designs
  • numerous torque/ratio combinations
  • horsepower ratings from 1/10 to 30
  • standard ratios from 3:1 to 125:1

A 50-Pitch Example

50-pitch HP Chart Example


Gearing Solutions helps meet the motor speed increase or speed reduction needs of your application. Roller gears allow for a wide range of torque and ratio combinations. This chart provides a snapshot of the horsepower capacity of a 50-tooth roller gear in various sizes.

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