Gearing Solutions Applications

End Products & Systems

Our gearboxes are found in a variety of systems and end-use products, including but not limited to:

  • Automated Window Openers
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Mixer Drive Components
  • Pulleys
  • Pumps
  • Wind Energy Turbines
  • Yaw Drives

High Density Drives

Our high-density drives serve as speed reducers and can serve as speed increasers, and perform well with rotary motion power transmissions that require changes in torque and speed. Our products are used in both industrial systems and in end-use products. Click here to view our many applications.

Our Products In Use

Green Energy

These drives work hard. They must withstand shock loads, have reliable resolution, increase speeds (preferably by a minimum of 1/6) and be lightweight, long lived and reliable. Speed increasers are not speed reducers run backwards. In the case of increasers it’s the speed that kills the components, not the torque.

High-reduction industrial mixer manufacturer

To swing the mixer blade, this customer wanted to switch from a 50:1 cone worm gear to a 600:1 drive. Options included using double worms (poor efficiencies) or undergoing a complete redesign (very expensive). Instead, installing a Gearing Solutions 12:1 gearhead solved the problem.

Chemical manufacturing plant

This customer wanted to replace an electric motor with an air motor, to eliminate the possibility of sparks. But air motors average 3 times the RPM of electric motors. Instead of a cumbersome redesign of the drive system of this winch, Gearing Solutions recommended replacing the electric motor with an air motor and a Gearing Solutions 3:1 gearhead. It fits in the same envelope and takes only minutes to install.

Winch drive design engineer

Winch drive designers have been intrigued with the idea of putting the gearing system inside the drum. Gearing Solutions makes this a reality with its GHP Planetary Series. An added bonus inherent in this design is the replaceable cable track. You can choose your materials and, in high-wear situations, replace the worn track quickly.

Cat scan machine manufacturer

Gearing Solutions 289:1 gearbox powered the first CAT scanner platform. Stability, high reduction, compact size and quiet operation were the features that governed the engineer's decision to choose our product.

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