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The Evolution of Roller Gear Technology

GEARS: Gears were the logical continuation of the invention of the wheel. Early examples of gears have been found in China dating back to the 4th century BC, created in the Zhou Dynasty. In Europe early examples go back to the Greeks, examples of which are dated 150 to 100 BC with the finding of the Antikythera mechanism which contains more than 30 gears believed to have been used for astronomical calculations. In Europe gear design appeared in the inventions of Heron of Alexandria about 50 AD. In later centuries the gear has become one of the most important parts of modern technology, incorporated into almost all mechanisms, machines and vehicles.

Roller Gear Technology-the beginning
Roller Gear Technology
Roller Chain: The design of the roller chain first appeared in the 16th century in sketches by Leonardo Di Vinci. It took some time for the technology to catch up with the concept. Problems in the manufacturing and processing of steel prevented chain growth until the 19th century, when new technologies made steel chain and bearings realities. In the 1800s, a Frenchman named Gull obtained a patent for a similar chain for use on a bicycle. This chain, called "Gull Chain," is still used today in hanging applications. Hans Renold is actually credited for inventing roller chain and sprocket to be used for the transmission of mechanical power in 1880. A new development—the bushing—revolutionized steel chain. Chains with bushings had greater wear resistance than Gull Chain because the bushing acted as a bearing, protecting the pin. At this point, the chain story moves into superspeed. Steel bushing chain was used on bicycles, in the rear-wheel drive of early automobiles, and, in 1903, as the propeller drive in the Wright brothers' airplane.

Roller Gear Technology-history
Roller Gear Technology

Roller Gear Technology: We merged the two power transmission processes to create gearboxes that can be half the size and weight of other gearboxes on the market today, without sacrificing, power and strength, while improving performance. Over the last 30 years we have perfected our motion control technology, developing a proprietary engineering process called Gearing Solutions MaxaMin system, which provides a host of benefits to our customers.

Using this technology Gearing Solutions manufactures planetary and cycloidal gearboxes that are light weigh and pack more torque into less space. Our products are designed with NU LOBE gears and gearheads. These high-density drives are excellent as speed increasers, speed reducers, and other rotary motion power transmissions that require changes in torque and speed.

    This system offers many benefits including:
  • Short runs at competitive prices
  • Efficient prototyping
  • Unique tooling that tailor’s shafts and housings to customers prints and specifications and creates hardware to match new designs.
  • It offers thousands of torque/ratio combinations.

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