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A roller gear is made by mounting a roller chain on a disc (or in between two discs), creating a gear that can be matched with a specially-designed tooth. The results are lower pressure angles and improved contact ratios.
Gearing Solutions standard units are rated from 1/3HP to 30HP at 1750 RPM. Other unique designs are offered through our Engineer To Order program, which also allows for higher horsepower capabilities.
A single stage planetary can have a ratio of slightly under 2:1, although standard units start at 3:1.
Yes, the gear construction can accept and transmit force from either direction. The chain flex acts as a shock absorber. In addition, the roller, bushing and pin spread the force of the load over three different lubricating surfaces, giving long life on applications where the load reverses.
Yes, grease is the preferred lubricant on our standard units. These function regardless of the mounting position. Most other lubrication systems will adapt, but each installation must be evaluated.
Initial lubrication is done at the factory. See recommended maintenance schedule. Custom application and severe duty will alter recommendations.
Seals virtually eliminate leakage when used with lighter weight lubricants, but they are not robust. Care must be exercised during assembly and disassembly to protect against leakage. The slightest burr or scratch can nick the seal.
Limits are set by the tooth and chain shear strengths, and our designs have a 700 percent safety factor. Moderate overloads simply increase the chain and sprocket wear. Wear will be evident by excessive noise.
No. Sixty-nine/Seventy-two (69/72) decibels can be expected consistently on regular applications. Our composite gear chain component does not articulate when engagement takes place, resulting in quieter operation than is usually expected from chain powered devices.
Planetary units as little as 12 minutes.
Our planetary models usually exhibit an efficiency range in the mid to high 90s per stage.
It is the lightest most compact unit on the market. A 56-C frame unit weighs 10 pounds and extends the motor length as little as 2.5 inches. All sizes offer comparable weight and size advantages.
Face mounting is either standard or can be done with an adapter.

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